Steve O’Leary Discusses the Proven Medical and Dental Facility Buildout Process

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At Apex Design Build we bring every discipline necessary to deliver a state of the art medical and/ or dental facility together under one roof. What is the difference between a design build and a design bid build firm? Design build integrates everybody who will work on a project together so that everyone knows the client’s expectations, budget, and schedule. Design bid build has different disciplines working on various aspects of a project, but not necessarily together. Because of that the vision is not always well communicated between disciplines, which can lead to mistakes, cost over runs, disagreements between disciplines, and, too often, it leads to the clients ultimately not getting the end product they envisioned. That’s why, as Steve discusses in this podcast, having a high level of communication during the new buildout process is so crucial.

Some questions you should add to your new office buildout checklist before hiring a design build firm to help you build a new practice include:

  • Can you give me examples of difficulties you have encountered in maintaining project timelines in the past, and how you overcame those challenges to ultimately deliver on time?
  • How many offices have you built, and can you share some examples?
  • What systems do you follow to make this process easier for your clients?

A well-designed dental practice can elevate your practice with greater productivity, an overall better patient experience, less stress for both staff and patients, a more enjoyable workday, and more confident, comfortable patients who will want to return.

The Apex Design Build Team

When you hire APEX Design Build to handle the medical and dental facility buildout process and create your perfect practice, you get a team of experts that understand all the minute details that go into the design, architecture, construction, and furnishing of your medical or dental practice. Statistics have shown that using the Apex Design Build model, project timelines can take up to 40% less time to complete, saving the client significant time and money. A full project takes between six and seven months to complete, from permitting and the architectural phase through completion of construction. Two to three months is spent on the planning period, which is crucial in order for the construction to move forward unimpeded, and another three months for the build phase of a 3,000 square foot project.

An estimated ballpark figure of building a typical dental practice is $130 to $160 per square foot, depending on the choice of fixtures and finishes. When approached by a potential client about completing a design build project, Apex goes over the medical and dental facility buildout process discussing the client’s vision and goals until they understand the client’s intentions, expectations, and priorities before ever moving forward.

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