Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Seamless integration of optimal efficiency and patient-centric design

Our Commitment

Operational precision meets patient satisfaction

Operational efficiency, patient experience, and safety standards sit at the heart of every successful ambulatory surgery center. They are not just goals to strive towards, but essential pillars for your organization's reputation and success. At Apex – we get it, and we put these core aspects at the center of every one of our design and build projects.

Our Difference

Fostering operational excellence and enhanced patient experience

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The Apex Continuum – Developing Ambulatory Surgery Centers

 Leveraging our deep understanding of the healthcare sector and proven design, architecture, and construction expertise, we've developed the Apex Continuum – our proprietary delivery model meticulously honed to cater to the unique needs of brand new and existing ambulatory surgery centers.

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Market Growth for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

The global Ambulatory Surgical Center market is expected to grow 6.4% annually from 2022 to 2023.

Outpatient revenue in the US stands tall at $472 billion annually, inching closer to inpatient revenue of $498 billion.

With more than half of outpatient surgeries now performed in Ambulatory Surgery Centers, and volumes expected to grow 16% by 2026, the need for facilities that prioritize operational excellence, patient comfort, and safety has never been more critical, across the US and Canada.

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The Apex Continuum

Our Risk-free Approach to Maximizing Your ROI

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At Apex, we see your Ambulatory Surgery Center as more than a project. It represents unique opportunities, needs, and challenges that deserve an equally unique response. This understanding shapes our approach, enabling us to tailor our services to match your vision and objectives.

The Apex Continuum, our proprietary design and delivery methodology, serves as your single point of accountability, offering enhanced risk management and ensuring measurable efficiencies.

With this streamlined strategy, we guide you through every stage of surgery center development. Our emphasis on early and responsive collaboration ensures an effective, surprise-free journey, ultimately optimizing your investment's value.

Our Work

Apex Solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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The Apex Advantage

Mitigate Risk With Our Fully Integrated Approach

Choosing Apex means gaining an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and accountability. Our streamlined approach takes you beyond traditional design-build services, ensuring a smoother journey toward realizing your vision.

Seamless Communication

We maintain clear communication lines through every step of the process, avoiding costly obstacles in the transition from design to build.

Streamlined Project Management

We anticipate, address, and resolve every contingency in the early planning stages, ensuring a stress-free preconstruction phase.

Industry-leading Delivery Method

We employ best-in-class design techniques that align with your budget and project timelines, creating outpatient environments that promote healing and well-being.

One-stop Solution

We offer a unified approach, merging architecture, design, and construction. This cohesive methodology contrasts with traditional fragmented methods, fostering seamless execution and a singular point of accountability for your project.

Deep Healthcare Industry Insight

Harnessing years of successful projects across various healthcare sectors, our team adeptly navigates industry-specific challenges, ensuring our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, efficient, and aligned with the latest healthcare regulations and standards.

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