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At Apex Design Build, we believe in fully integrated design and construction of dental practices for our clients. With us, you can expect efficient dental office design and innovative dental office architecture design. As a leading figure in the design-build industry, we have decades of experience working on complete dental office buildouts.

With our experience, we will deliver a dental office design to improve your patients’ happiness and your practice’s profitability. We work closely with all our clients, and with four generations of expertise to our name, we will exceed all your expectations. That’s our forte. Today we offer some insider’s advice on great architectural design for your dental office.

Tips on Architecture Design for Your Dental Office

We design and build inspiring, also award-winning, dental practices. And as a dental office architecture design leader, we can provide expert advice and services to help you achieve your goals. One of the most central aspects of any dental office design is the architecture. We never take dental office architecture design lightly. However, when you push keep pushing boundaries, your efforts tend to pay off.

Extending Your Dental Office

When thinking about extending your dental office, ensure you take care in considering all the factors involved. Designs or construction projects can quickly lose sight of their objectives without a plan to guide them. Growing your practice without a plan will lead to further problems such as poor use of space. This may not seem like a big problem, but believe us, it can be disastrous for productivity and workflow.

Once you’ve made your considerations and you’re certain of the feasibility of your project, then you can start to move forward. With Apex, you don’t have to worry, as we will be by your side throughout the entire project. You should plan extensions so that they minimize disruption to everyday work and patient care. We can help you integrate and build exciting new features into your dental office design. The most obvious benefit of an extension is the added space, with more room for operatories, a larger waiting room, reception, and so on.

Innovative Architectural Design

Architecture is as important as interior design to create a peaceful and efficient atmosphere for your dental office. For a light-filled and uncluttered dental office, angled walls with large windows will create beautiful vistas of your surroundings. If you’re in the city, this may not be necessary, but for rural practices, it can go a long way towards patient satisfaction.

We recommend high ceilings to create, or give the illusion of, a more spacious interior. Skylights are also a great feature to let in plenty of natural light. For your operatories, we find that open treatment rooms work the best, along with additional private rooms if needed. You can have your treatment rooms mirrored, which means you can have the plumbing for two rooms running through the same wall. This will help cut costs and make for a more efficient work environment.

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