Case Study: Dental Smiles of West Loop and Dr. Ankita Shah

September 6, 2017 | Category:


The Challenge

Its almost perfect, but

We’ve heard it many times, spoken by practitioners who have found a space with everything on their checklist – with the exception of one or two minor details. What is one to do in such a situation? Though admittedly biased, we recommend consulting a design-build professional before ruling anything out. That’s exactly what Dr. Ankita Shah did when she found a beautiful space in Chicago’s West Loop.

Situated amongst Madison Street’s bustling activity, and featuring an aesthetically pleasing exterior, the space was exactly what Dr. Shah had originally envisioned for attracting new clientele. But there was just one problem: It was too small (or so it appeared). With only 1,200 square feet, the doctor wasn’t initially sure it would accommodate the four operatories she desired.

The Solution

By involving Apex from the beginning, Shaw was able to avoid the trap many retail-hunters fall into – ruling out perfectly good spaces with loads of potential. Understandably, it sometimes takes a trained eye to understand the potential when working with a blank canvas.

Though we knew it would be a challenge, we felt confident our design team could yield the space to achieve Dr. Shah’s ultimate vision. With a little creative ingenuity, our team developed a plan that was able to maximize the space without making it feel overcrowded.

The Result

Consequently, Dr. Shah was able to commit to the property concern-free. With the initial architectural plan in place, our team went to work constructing a beautiful design plan that reflected the doctor’s brand values. From then on, we remained in close contact with Dr. Shah throughout the process, before ultimately presenting her with an ideal workspace designed for maximum workflow efficiency.

By collaborating with our design-build team early on, the doctor saved herself the unnecessary hassle of searching for additional retail spaces. Her practice is now open for patients and she is enjoying her new space.

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