8 Questions to ask Before You Buy Medical or Dental Equipment


Buying equipment is a significant part of establishing a new practice, and something that needs to happen as current equipment ages, or your practice expands. This equipment and technology can often be expensive, however.

Purchasing a new piece of equipment is always a significant decision. We have a list of eight questions below that can help you to simplify the process. Consider your answers to these questions as a way to determine your equipment needs.

Questions for Before You Buy Medical or Dental Equipment

Will this equipment appeal to my patients?

Today’s patients are technology savvy. They live and operate on their cell phones and are often up to date on the nature of their medical conditions, and the best treatments. When you can offer the types of treatment they are looking for, patient retention goes up.

How will it differentiate my business?

Local markets can often become saturated for doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. In a competitive environment, it’s important to capitalize on every chance you get to stand out – and that includes the type of equipment your practice utilizes. Upgrading equipment can create a more memorable patient experience.

It may also give you the ability to increase your capabilities, making your practice more appealing in the local area.

Have you considered your office’s digital capabilities?

Don’t overlook the software that makes your practice run. Customer resource management (CRM) software simplifies data for both patients and practices alike. It presents an opportunity to relate to patients in a way that is easy to understand. When you can break down care in a way that’s easy to digest, your patients will appreciate that. Patient portals make managing appointments, labs, prescriptions, and other aspects of healthcare infinitely easier.

Is now the right time for this purchase?

If you’re running an existing practice and wondering if now’s the time to replace some older equipment, you’ll have a decision to make. For instance, how much maintenance do you want to put into an older piece of equipment, before the price tag on new equipment becomes worth it? How long will the older equipment last before an even bigger maintenance need pops up?

It’s time to consider whether that dated piece of equipment is impacting your level of patient care – and be honest.

Will this equipment improve the talent that I draw to my practice?

New doctors and top talent will always be attracted to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. When your practice is built with top-notch equipment, you’ll attract a similar level of talent. The type of diagnostic and care capabilities that your practice has, through quality equipment, can become a deciding influence in attracting talent.

What can I do to use this equipment to its full potential?

It’s easy to get sucked into the hype and determine that you need the newest technology and equipment. And sometimes that new equipment is exactly what’s needed. But you’ll have to consider the way that you’ll use that equipment, too.

Would the equipment’s highest capabilities go unused? It is important to be honest on this point. If you may not use every capability, you could potentially save some money by going with a simpler model.

How easy will it be to manage this equipment?

When you’re in the market for new equipment, make sure to find out if there are opportunities to extend the warranty, ensure equipment training, and obtain the necessary software updates. This ensures that you will better be able to manage your equipment through the lifetime of ownership.

How can I finance this equipment?

Medical equipment is expensive, and your practice has several options when it comes to paying for it. Find the financing method that makes the most sense for you.

It’ll be important to consider how quickly you need the money, the terms of the contract, and what kind of payback schedule is offered. When you look at the in-depth details, you’ll be better able to determine the option that fits your needs.

You could also lease or consider purchasing a refurbished piece of equipment.


 It’s critical that your practice offers patients access to premium healthcare, and your equipment is a significant part of that. When it comes to equipment purchasing decisions, there is no standard right answer across the board. But when you can establish a working process to determine the right decision for your practice, you’ll put yourself in a better position to succeed.

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