Veterinary Design and Construction for Pets and their Parents

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Pets are loved and cherished family members, and their owners want these faithful companions to feel comfortable when they go to the vet. In addition to receiving top quality care for their pets, their parents want to feel welcomed, cared for, and respected when they trust the care of their fur babies to your veterinary practice. Apex Design Build is experienced in designing and implementing industry practices that result in state-of-the-art veterinary facilities that pets and parents enjoy visiting.

Calm & Clear

A pleasant experience at the vet’s office starts before your patients even enter the building, with clear signage that evokes a feeling of welcome, makes your clinic easy to spot, and invites your patients inside. Once through the door, pets and their parents should be enveloped in a peaceful, calming environment. Pets know when their parents are nervous or upset, and a waiting area space that is designed correctly and furnished comfortably will help ease anxiety. A smooth, easy check-in process helps parents stay connected to their pets, and limiting paperwork, clutter, and distractions aids in a smooth transition to treatment. Implementing separate areas for different species such as cats and dogs can also help reduce stress while patients wait to be seen by the veterinarian.

Just like small children, many pets are easily startled by sudden loud noises, so integrating acoustical elements into your veterinary design and construction that help soften sounds in a clinical environment goes a long way to helping nervous pets relax. A separate indoor or gated outdoor play area can also be a great way to help relieve anxiety for jittery nerves, and provide a place for pets to potty, if needed.

Comfortable & Reassuring

Many pets experience separation anxiety, so allowing parents to stay with their pets while they’re being examined can help keep pets calm and reassured that their owners haven’t abandoned them. Providing seating in the exam room offers pet owners a place to put their belongings and rest if needed or hold and comfort their pets before or after treatment. Seeing modern veterinary technology at work can also help reassure parents that their pets are receiving the best care available.

Including windows that allow natural light, muted colors, and a mixture of natural materials all work together to create a space that welcomes, calms, and soothes. Balancing the right amount of exam rooms, an adequate number of surgical suites, a comfortable waiting area, smooth traffic flow, and a space that is easily maneuverable for larger pets along with adequate work and break spaces for employees and staff is the goal of effective veterinary design and construction for pets and their parents.


Along with the latest technology, pleasing aesthetics, quick and easy check in and check out procedures, and modern equipment, having caring, empathetic staff is a major component to a successful, long lasting veterinary practice. Customer service should be a top priority, and every pet parent should feel confident that the needs of their beloved family member are paramount in the minds of your staff.

Contact the veterinary facility design team at Apex Design Build to achieve the best in veterinary design and construction for pets and their parents and follow us on social media to learn more about our services. We’re here to help you create or reimagine your veterinary practice facility into your vision of the perfect practice, and help you become the place to be when pets need tender loving care in a modern, comfortable veterinary practice.

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