The Starter Checklist for Dental Office Redesigns in Chicago

October 22, 2017 | Category:


Updating your dental office design isn’t just for the comfort of your patients and staff. More and more, dental office design is being used as a vital marketing tool. Your dentist office is a visual representation of the quality of service – and the value of service – you deliver. Right now, what is your dentist office saying about you? If it’s saying you need a redesign, then here’s a great way to start.

Before approaching a designer, architect or design-build firm, it’s helpful to already know the answers to a lengthy list of questions.

This is the nearly complete checklist of what your designer will need to know.

  1. Number of dentists working in the facility
  2. Number of hygienists
  3. Number of assistants
  4. Number of support staff
  5. Number of patients per day
  6. Preferred delivery system
  7. Ancillary equipment needed
  8. Specialty materials used
  9. Radiographic requirements
  10. Darkroom, or no darkroom?
  11. Number & size of business area machines (copy, fax, espresso maker)
  12. Current filing system and desired filing system (now might be the time to go paperless!)
  13. Storage needs
  14. Mechanical equipment needs, including square footage requirements, energy requirements, etc.
  15. What does your client demographic look like? Pediatric? Geriatric? Cosmetic? Soccer moms?
  16. Does your current brand accurately reflect who you are, and who your target clients are? If not, now’s the time to update it.
  17. What values drive your practice? What’s most important to you should be reflected in your design.
  18. What would you like your practice to achieve in the next 5 or 10 years?

Most importantly however, consider how you want to run your office. A redesign is an opportunity to update filing systems, buy new equipment, or repurpose a darkroom or unused storage area. Set goals for how you’d like your practice to work, and in what ways you’d like it to grow. Ideally, your newly redesigned office is one that will be able to grow with you.

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