Patient Acquisition through Healthcare Design

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In this episode of Grace Rizza’s Growing with Grace podcast, Apex Design Build’s Bruce Johnstone discusses the subject of patient acquisition through healthcare office design. First impressions are only made once, so it matters to the potential patient that the practice environment matches the type of care the provider offers. An older, outdated, uncomfortable physical space does not communicate value to a potential patient. Providing a fresh, clean, modern aesthetic is an effective means of achieving new patient acquisition through healthcare office design.

If the funding is not in place to build a new healthcare facility, creating points of interest, such as a new beverage station, unique lighting, stylish furniture, helps design a custom approach to your practice that can bring a fresh feeling to existing design and construction without necessarily undertaking an entire remodel or relocation of a practice. Maintaining a holistic view is critical to convey the provider’s desired aesthetic and draw the demographic the practice wishes to target.

Every practice is unique, so it’s important to understand the patient type before you can define the type of space you want to create. Once that is done, the team can decide how they will move forward with the design of the facility, discovering the right balance between form and function. It’s important to deliver what the practice’s ideal patient base is looking for, what they expect from their medical provider. It’s important to keep the patient’s entire journey in mind, from the moment they step through the doors of the practice until they check out and schedule their next appointment. There is a very close connection between the atmosphere and what the patient expects to receive from the provider – which summarizes the connection between patient acquisition and healthcare design. It’s a great idea to step outside your practice occasionally and view it from the patient’s perspective to ensure that you’re communicating everything you want to about your practice.

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