How to Make Sure Your Dental Office Remodel Delivers Long-lasting Value

October 15, 2017 | Category:


The recent economic downturn has made everyone weigh very carefully every dollar we spend. Even though there are signs of recovery, the value-oriented mindset prevails – and with good reason. If you are considering building, remodeling or expanding your dental office, you want to be sure that any money you spend works hard for you for many years to come.

As a design-build firm specializing in dental clinics, we have identified two key practices that will help ensure your project represents long-lasting value.

First, keep waste – in all its forms – to a minimum. Space is costly and wasted space is a drag on profitability. So make sure your square footage is exactly what you need.

Then create a design plan that facilitates efficiency in every aspect of your practice. That means your office layout eliminates wasted steps so patients and staff circulate easily. Awkward traffic and work flows lead to wasted time and make appointments run longer than they should, another financial drag.

You can carry this value-oriented approach to the fine details of space planning. Consider carefully where supplies will be stored and where key functions should be located and how much space they need.

Another key practice is to make sure your design theme and materials are not liable to become quickly dated.

Your goal is, of course, to create a highly functional and inviting space for your practice and patients. You also want your office to capture your personality and brand, so patients have a memorable experience and quickly grasp what makes you unique.

To some dentists, this means embracing the latest trends. We advise caution: What may be eye catching and fresh today can quickly become tired and outdated.

With careful planning, you can expect to achieve a 10-year lifespan for most surfaces in your office in terms of durability and current appearance.

To do this successfully, use neutral tones on surfaces that are costly or hard to swap out like cabinets and counter tops. Use more dramatic colors as accents on elements that are easy to update, such as feature walls and accessories. With this approach, you can easily refresh and update your office over the years with limited repainting and décor touch-ups.

Lastly, when making design choices for your new space, bear in mind the life cycle cost of all materials. Beyond initial purchase and installation, life cycle cost encompasses maintenance, repairs, removal and replacement. You may find a product with a higher initial cost proves cheaper over the lifespan of your new design.

Contact us today if you’d like to hear more about how thoughtful design can make sure your dental office remodel delivers long-lasting value.

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