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What is a master plan, and why do you need one when constructing your medical office or healthcare facility? Devising a master plan means giving yourself and your design firm a project road map. A comprehensive master plan with clear direction means ease of navigation and fewer roadblocks on your journey to the kind of medical facility you and your patients deserve. Your vision for your medical office or healthcare facility drives the master plan, while healthcare industry regulations, marketplace dynamics, rising operational costs, technological advances, and the changing economy all affect the ultimate outcome.

The master planning paradigm is changing, and your organization must be prepared to change as well. Expandability and productivity must be considered in the master planning process, as the current status quo within the healthcare system is experiencing what some call “a seismic shift”.

What is changing and how does it affect my master plan?

Elements that must be considered include volume, technology, community, complexity, cost, and more.

  • Along with the increasing number of patients 65 and older who are requiring more complex healthcare services, more patients of all ages are entering the healthcare system due to the Affordable Care Act.
  • As employers begin shifting more of the cost burden to their employees, healthcare providers are faced with the need to control costs while still offering quality health care to their patients.
  • Technology in the healthcare industry has seen recent dramatic changes with the advent of the “e-patient” and mobile health apps which allow patients to monitor their individual health statistics and communicate with their caregivers remotely.
  • In addition, retail healthcare facilities such as urgent care clinics are rivaling the traditional doctor’s office as the patient facility of choice for treatment.

When conducting healthcare construction master planning, the team designing your medical facility needs to consider all these factors along with your vision for your facility, your personal style and design preferences, and your staff and patient requirements. Apex Design Build brings decades of successful healthcare facility design, architecture, and construction experience to bear when designing and executing your master plan. We understand the unique requirements within the healthcare community, and our team will incorporate your vision for your practice along with cutting edge, innovative design and modern architecture to deliver a medical facility that surpasses your expectations and allows you to provide optimum care for your patients.

Contact Apex Design Build to begin your healthcare construction master planning of your medical office or healthcare facility.

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