Building a Dental Office That Inspires Your Patients and Your Staff

Listen to the Podcast – Building a Dental Office That Inspires Your Patients and Your Staff

In this episode of the podcast, Bruce Johnstone of Apex Design Build discusses the subjects of dental office design for patients and dental office design for staff.

Designing a Dental Office for Patients

When designing for patients, a critical component of the patient experience is the first impression they receive upon arriving at your dental practice. Since you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression, and that impression makes a huge impact on patient expectations, it’s important to make the patient feel welcomed. In managing expectations of care, dental practices should strive to project an aura of professionalism combined with thoughtful attention to detail that is focused on patient needs. This can be achieved starting before the patient leaves home via your practice website. What patients see when they look your practice up online should be a true representation of what they will see when they arrive for their first appointment.

When focusing on dental office design for patients, lighting is key to creating a warm, welcoming, fresh look for your practice. Keeping the waiting area clean, light and bright, and filled with adequate seating that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing will go a long way toward helping the patient relax and feel confident that their needs are top of mind.

Designing a Dental Office for Staff

Although patients are obviously key to maintaining a profitable practice, a happy, productive staff is also key. Dental office design for staff should include a plan for an efficient workflow, but beyond efficiency it’s also vital to create a space your staff is proud to call home five days a week, and one which generates a feeling of confidence. Form and function are equally important; your space has to work functionally, but form plays a key role in your practice profile. Your dental office design should align with the type of patient you want to attract, and the type of staff you need to support your practice. Once defined, Apex can determine the right design aesthetic to strike the perfect balance between form and function, delivering a product that represents both what your practice stands for and what your patients are looking for. The atmosphere your practice promotes should fit your ideal patient base; you can’t be everything to everyone, so your practice should focus on attracting the right kind of patient and the right kind of staff.

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