4 Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinets for Your Dental Office

November 6, 2017 | Category: ,


When building a new dental office or remodeling your existing space, one question that gets tossed up often is what kind of cabinets to choose: custom cabinetry or prefabricated? Here are four reasons why custom dental cabinets will improve your workspace.

Quality: Without a doubt custom cabinetry offers a higher level of quality in comparison to prefabricated cabinets. Prefab cabinets are generally mass produced on an assembly line and you shouldn’t be surprise if the dentist down the street has the same cabinets in his office. Custom cabinets are certainly not created equal, using carefully selected materials, independently crafted to perfection by experienced hands and build to last.

Functionality: Ask yourself how important is functionality? Custom cabinets provide the flexibility of including multiple shelves, drawers and other organizing options to your cabinets that aren’t available with prefabricated cabinets. Tailoring your dental office cabinets to each room will improve your office efficiency.

Personalization: Perhaps the best way to compliment the atmosphere of your entire office is to personalize the style of your cabinetry to blend with the office theme you desire. Choosing to design, customize and by selecting the finishes for your cabinets will infuse your personality into the workspace.

Your Office, Your Way: Your dental cabinets should help to maximize the space in your office. However, with prefab cabinets you will often find yourself designing your office around the cabinets. For an efficient work area that blends aesthetics with productivity, choose custom cabinets.

Millwood Dental Systems is a division of Apex Design Build with over 20 years of experience designing and crafting superior cabinets for dental offices and medical facilities in Chicago.

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