Top Healthcare Design-Build Experts


At the outset of any construction project, it’s natural to be concerned about all the variables that can make or break your success. At Apex, we deliver peace of mind every step of the way.

Apex is an award-winning healthcare design-build partner. We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional ROI at every phase of the design-build journey. We mitigate risk and eliminates unwelcome surprises through our in-depth expertise, our proven processes, and our trusted partnerships. Our work pays dividends for our clients long after construction is complete.

Success at any size


From large medical campuses to single-physician practices, Apex has completed hundreds of ground-up development and redevelopment projects across the nation.

Our deep expertise in medical facility design and construction and our comprehensive architecture, interior design, and construction services make us the ideal fit for a wide range of healthcare design-build projects.

  • Outpatient / Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Private medical practices
  • Regional and community hospitals
  • Veterinary hospitals
  • Urgent care centers
  • Office-based surgery facilities
  • Sports medicine facilities
  • Dental practices

Why design-build?


Independent research shows the design-build approach drives efficiencies in time, cost, and satisfaction compared to the traditional design-bid-build approach. In the realm of non-residential commercial construction, the average design-build project:

  • Is 102% faster from start to finish
  • Is 36% faster during the construction phase
  • Is 6% less expensive in terms of unit costs
  • Delivers the highest rate of customer satisfaction. 77% of design-build clients rate their experience as “excellent” or “very good.”

Sources: Construction Industry Institute and Design-Build Institute of America

Beyond design-build


Our approach and core values elevate the benefits of the design-build model even further. The Apex team goes the extra mile to improve your ROI without sacrificing the exceptional quality you and your patients deserve.

Our decades of healthcare expertise, proven processes, quality partnerships, and core values set us apart from the competition. With Apex, you can count on:

End-to-end accountability

We know that trust is your top priority when deciding on a design-build partner. Our goal is to be a true extension of your team. We ensure your project aligns with your objectives at every turn. Along the way, we provide expert insights that drive efficiencies in cost, time, and build quality. You can be confident that we will provide a best-in-class experience – and a completed build that exceeds your expectations.

No communication gaps

In a traditional design-bid-build project, moving from design to build phase can introduce costly challenges. Architectural and construction teams work in silos. Communication gaps lead to change orders, new costs, delays, compromises, and a lot of finger pointing. From our first engagement to your grand opening, you will work with a unified team that champions your vision. We deliver clear and honest communication, and our work will measure up to your definition of success.

Streamlined project management

We manage complexity so you don’t have to. Building permits. Zoning laws. Safety policies. HIPAA, OSHA, and ADA regulations. Apex accounts for every variable in the early planning stages, cost projections, and architectural drawings. After your team approves the architectural plan, we obtain all the permits required to bring your vision to life. We eliminate surprises and red tape that may impact your timeline, your budget, and your peace of mind.

Quality in every detail

The wrong shortcuts are common in the traditional design-bid-build model. Construction contractors are under pressure to save as much money and time as possible. To maximize margins, they may choose materials, finishes, and fixtures that lack durability and polish. At Apex, our comprehensive approach to architecture, interior design, and construction helps us reduce costs and time throughout the full project lifecycle in the right ways. We never take shortcuts that will have a negative impact on your build quality and your ROI.

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Bring your vision to life with Apex.

Every healthcare design and build project has one ultimate goal – to build a space that perfectly aligns with patient needs while delivering optimum efficiency and compliance. Choose Apex as your strategic partner, armed with deep expertise and a proven methodology, to ensure your vision is realized to the highest standards.