Expert Ideas for Dental Treatment Room Design


At Apex Design Build, our decades of experience give us an added edge over our competitors. This also means we have more to offer you, our clients. We want to know: What makes you tick? How do you want your dental office design to look? What features should it have? In our experience, excellent dental clinic design relies on a collaborative relationship with clients. The more we understand your needs, the better equipped we are to meet them.

Whether you want to build your new dental clinic from the ground up, or you’re renovating existing premises, Apex can help. You may even wish to expand your practice footprint to attract new clientele or build a new dental office practice design altogether. We know that an optimal setup for dental treatment is critical to great design. Each of your operatory rooms should be fit for purpose, incorporating innovative architecture and essential equipment. In this article, we give some expert advice on dental treatment room design.

Equipment and Furniture for Dental Treatment Rooms

Equipment should provide comfort for your patients while promoting ergonomics for your staff. It’s also important to know that each piece of equipment or furniture should mesh together like individual puzzle pieces. If one piece isn’t right, the whole picture will look odd. Appearances aren’t everything, but they go a long way to satisfying patients. Apex has extensive experience building custom-tailored furniture for operatory rooms. As such, we can work to any specification. If you want to select your chair and then work outwards, we can help you design your floor plan. Or if you prefer to design space-saving storage solutions first and work inward, then we can adjust our methods to suit you. But what other features do you find in an operatory room?

1- Dental Patient Chair. The most recognizable aspect of any dental treatment room, your dental patient chair is the center of the room. We recommend starting with the chair and building around it, as everything else flows naturally from there. It should be comfortable and functional, while not overly large. There is a wide range of sizes available if you have a smaller operatory.

2- Suitable Seating for Your Clinicians. Your staff work hard, often going the extra mile for patients and the practice. As such, you should ensure they have somewhere to sit down. It’s essential to create an operatory room that is comfortable for staff as well as patients.

3- Dental Delivery System. This is your central hub, from which you control your other treatment systems. Typically, this will be integrated into the architecture of the room, like the chair, as a static feature. This may be separate from or part of your computer system.

4- Surgical Lighting. The right lighting is essential to dentistry, and your operatory room requires professional surgical lighting for your work.

5- Storage Solutions and Architecture. Maximizing space is essential for your dental treatment room due to constant foot traffic. At Apex, we always keep ease of access in mind, for staff and patients. Spaces should be designed to flow naturally, directing patients and staff to the right place. It should allow easy access in and out, guiding them to and from the exit. We can design bespoke overhead storage as well as floor-level cabinets for you. All you have to do is ask.

For us, the ideal dental office is one that serves everyone’s needs, providing a therapeutic atmosphere for dental treatment. We want to understand your ideal modern dental clinic design techniques. Not only that, we want to help design it, and build it for you. Don’t waste time. Get in touch.

The Secret(s) to Great Dental Office Design

When it comes to the secret to great dental office design, there’s more than one! We know because, at Apex Design Build, we wrote the book on dental office design. We pride ourselves on being the best dental office design company in the US. With us, you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings or mistakes. Innovative and intuitive dental office design comes from understanding our clients. The more we know, the more certain we’ll be that the finished product will reflect your wishes. As such, we want your dental office to satisfy your needs and work around your limitations. From the smallest refurbishment to the largest build, Apex can help. Don’t waste time getting in touch. Work with us to learn the secret(s) of brilliant dental office design. The sooner you have your new dental office, the sooner you can assure your success!


1- Sizing Your Dental Practice

Getting the size right is essential to any good dental office design. Your dental office should be able to accommodate your staff and patients, as well as any integrated facilities and equipment you require. Our clients frequently ask us to provide consultations on their, supposedly completed, dental office designs. Close inspection, however, quite often reveals widespread sizing problems. Your dental office should be sized appropriately, to manage patient flow and prevent systems bottlenecks.

2- Inventory Should Be Simple

One of the most common problems for dental offices is creating adequate storage for lab and surgery spaces. Think about the sheer number of tools and pieces of equipment you’ll require. Individual rooms may not adhere to the principles of ergonomics. If you don’t get the right storage solutions, then your workspace may soon become cluttered and constricted. It’s always best to centralize your storage and keep your resupply system out of sight, yet easily accessible. Your staff will often be on their feet, moving from room to room. As such, ease of access to equipment should be at the forefront of your design.

3- Silence Should Be a Virtue

Effective soundproofing is imperative in all dental offices to maintain a relaxed atmosphere for your staff and patients. While dental offices of the past have completely isolated their waiting rooms to solve noise problems, this isn’t the case today. Your patients are like guests, and you should treat them as such. Maximizing your space to create a strong sense of flow between patient and staff areas also allows you to utilize innovative soundproofing techniques. At Apex, we build the skeleton of your office before adding the flesh. Using state-of-the-art architectural design, we can ensure your dental office satisfies your soundproofing needs. Innovative wall and ceiling coverings, plus strategic window and door angles can all contribute to soundproofing as well.