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Our Story

It Began With An Idea

In the early 1900s, Americans witnessed unprecedented advancements in nearly every area of life. The industries of science, health and medicine were no exception.


Having received his architectural degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Robert Johnstone, our great-grandfather, stumbled across an unexpected need –– hospitals and private medical practitioners scrambling to keep up with the increased demand for their services.


Shortly after, he parlayed his love of building into an architectural firm committed to servicing the medical community with thoughtful design solutions. His goal? Build an integrity-based business he could one day pass on to his two sons.


All In The Family

Like night and day, the two sons ventured into the business with very different interests: One pursued a degree in architecture, while the other found satisfaction working as a painting contractor. Eventually, the brothers shrewdly combined their interests to provide their clients with additional construction-based solutions.


Over the years, the company continued to grow, as each offspring brought his, or her, own unique specialties to the table. As a result, the firm continued to grow, eventually serving new medical, residential and commercial markets.


Back to Our Roots

Four generations later and we’ve expanded upon Robert Johnstone’s original vision to create attractive and functional work spaces. Instead of going through the time (and cost) intensive process of working with 3 different service providers, our clients can now get all their needs met – interior design, architecture and construction – from one qualified team of professionals.


Put simply, we’re not just here to “execute”; we’re here to partner with our clients as a valued advisor through every step of the building process, helping them make the best possible decisions for their unique goals. That is our no. 1 priority –– helping our clients get where they want to go, on time and on budget.


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Who APEX is

Experienced. Trustworthy. Comprehensive – just a few of the words commonly used by past clients to describe our team.

Why APEX Design

Our Values

We’re often asked: What’s the secret to your longevity? The answer is actually quite simple –– it’s having a clear set of guiding principles by which we operate. What exactly does that mean?

1. We Care

  • Be sincere
  • Take responsibility and be accountable
  • Make promises and keep them

2. We are a Team

  • Where we go, we go together
  • No egoists and no jerks
  • Be a giver

3. We live vigorously

  • Be passionate
  • Embrace change
  • Tenaciously pursue excellence
  • No whining
  • Have fun

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    Case Studies

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  • Why APEX?

    Why APEX?

    With four generations of experience in build-outs and renovations, we offer clients the benefit of our expertise and the accountability inherently found in a highly qualified design build firm.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower our customers, our people, our partners and our community.

Our Mission

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APEX People

– Tim D., Project Director

Our People

APEX is its people – a talented group of high energy professionals.  We leverage the creativity, knowledge, and experience of our entire team to deliver the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

Our experience sets us apart, our values define us, and the successes of our clients prove our worth every day.


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